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Urdu Quotes: Are you a fan of beautiful and meaningful quotes? Do you appreciate the power of words in shaping our thoughts and emotions? If yes, then you would love to explore the world of Urdu quotes. Urdu is a poetic language that is rich in metaphors, similes, and symbols. It is a language that is known for its elegance, depth, and emotionality. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and inspiring Urdu quotes that will touch your heart and soul.


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What are Urdu Quotes?

Urdu quotes are sayings or expressions in the Urdu language that convey a particular message or idea. These quotes are usually short and concise and can be used to inspire, motivate, or educate people. Urdu quotes cover a wide range of themes, including love, friendship, life, success, happiness, and spirituality.

(اردو اقتباسات اردو زبان میں اقوال یا تاثرات ہیں جو کسی خاص پیغام یا خیال کو پہنچاتے ہیں۔ یہ اقتباسات عام طور پر مختصر اور جامع ہوتے ہیں اور لوگوں کی حوصلہ افزائی، حوصلہ افزائی یا تعلیم دینے کے لیے استعمال کیے جا سکتے ہیں۔ اردو اقتباسات محبت، دوستی، زندگی، کامیابی، خوشی، اور روحانیت سمیت موضوعات کی ایک وسیع رینج کا احاطہ کرتے ہیں۔)

The Power of Urdu Quotes

Urdu quotes have the power to move us, to inspire us, and to touch our hearts. They are like little gems that have the ability to convey a wealth of wisdom and insight. Urdu quotes are particularly popular in South Asia, where Urdu is widely spoken and appreciated. They are often used in poetry, literature, and music, and are an important part of the cultural heritage of the region.

(اردو اقتباسات میں ہمیں تحریک دینے، حوصلہ افزائی کرنے اور ہمارے دلوں کو چھونے کی طاقت ہے۔ وہ چھوٹے جواہرات کی طرح ہیں جو حکمت اور بصیرت کی دولت کو پہنچانے کی صلاحیت رکھتے ہیں۔ اردو اقتباسات خاص طور پر جنوبی ایشیا میں مقبول ہیں، جہاں اردو بڑے پیمانے پر بولی جاتی ہے اور اسے سراہا جاتا ہے۔ وہ اکثر شاعری، ادب اور موسیقی میں استعمال ہوتے ہیں، اور خطے کے ثقافتی ورثے کا ایک اہم حصہ ہیں۔)

Urdu Quotes

Best Quotes In Urdu

Famous Urdu Quotes
Here are some of the most famous and inspiring Urdu quotes:

1. “Jab Ishq sikhata hai adab-e-khud-agahi, mujhe kyun bandagi ka hosh nahin rehta?”

(جب عشق سکھاتا ہے ادب خود آگہی، مجھے کیوں بندگی کا ہوش نہیں رہتا)

This quote by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is about the transformative power of love. It means, “When love teaches me the art of self-awareness, why do I not have the sense to abandon myself to worship?”

2. “Kuchh to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna”

(کچھ تو لاگ کہیں گے، لوگون کا کام ہے کہنا)

This quote by Sahir Ludhianvi is about the importance of ignoring the opinions of others and focusing on one’s own path. It means, “People will always say something, it’s their job to talk.”

3. “Jab tak tootay na dil, tab tak chaaheen rehna”

(جب تک توتے نہ دل، تب تک چاہیں رہنا)

This quote by Mirza Ghalib is about the resilience of the human spirit. It means, “As long as the heart is not broken, keep living with hope.”


4. “Manzil unhi ko milti hai, jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai”

(منزل وہی پاتے ہیں جن کے خوابوں میں زندگی ہوتی ہے۔)

This quote by Abdul Kalam is about the importance of having a vision and a purpose in life. It means, “Only those who have a passion in their dreams, achieve their goals.”

5. “Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle Khuda bande se khud puche bata teri raza kya hai”

(خودی کو کر بلند کرنا کے ہر تقدیر سے پہلے خدا بندے سے خود پوچھے بتا تیری رضا کیا ہے)

This quote by Allama Iqbal is about the power of self-belief and determination. It means, “Raise yourself so high that before every fate God asks you, ‘What is your will?'”


3. “Zindagi lambi nahin, badi honi chahiye”

(زندگی لمبی نہیں، بڑی ہونی چاہیے۔)

This quote by Gulzar is about the significance of living a meaningful life. It means, “Life should not be long, but it should be great.”

4. “Zindagi ki asli khushi toh yeh hai ki aap khud apni zindagi ke shayar hain”

(زندگی کی اصل خوشی تو یہ ہے کی آپ خود اپنی زندگی کے شائر ہیں)

This quote by Javed Akhtar is about the joy of creating one’s own destiny. It means, “The real happiness in life is that you are the poet of your own life.”

5. “Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye, aur badi cheezon ke liye ladna padta hai”

(زندگی لمبی نہیں بڑی ہونی چاہیئے، اور بڑی چیز کے لیے لڈنا پڑتا ہے)

This quote by Naseeruddin Shah is about the importance of fighting for one’s dreams. It means, “Life should not be long, but it should be great, and one has to fight for big things.”

Urdu Quotes on Love

Urdu quotes on love are some of the most beautiful and heartwarming expressions of human emotions. Here are some of the most inspiring Urdu quotes on love:

1. “Mohabbat ki raahon mein jab bhi dekha hai, mujhe tera hi chehra nazar aaya hai”

(محبت کی راہوں میں جب بھی دیکھا ہے، مجھے تیرا ہی چہرہ نظر آیا ہے)

This quote by Farhan Akhtar is about the power of love to bring people together. It means, “Whenever I have seen the path of love, I have only seen your face.”

2. “Ishq toh lafz hai, lekin uska wajood hai”

(عشق تو لطف ہے،لیکن اسکا وجود ہے۔)

This quote by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is about the existence of love beyond words. It means, “Love is just a word, but it has a presence.”

3. “Ishq aur mohabbat toh khushi dete hain, par unke bina zindagi bhi adhuri hai”

(عشق اور محبت تو خوشی دیتے ہیں، پر ان کے بغیر زندگی بھی ادھوری ہے)

This quote by Mirza Ghalib is about the role of love and happiness in life. It means, “Love and affection bring happiness, but life is incomplete without them.”

4. “Jab jab dekha hai teri aankhon ko, meri zindagi mein khushi ki roshni cha gayi hai”

(جب جب دیکھا ہے تیری آنکھوں کو، میری زندگی میں خوشی کی روشنی چا گئی ہے)

This quote by Gulzar is about the impact of love on our lives. It means, “Every time I have seen your eyes, the light of happiness has spread in my life.”

5. “Mohabbat ek aisa andaz hai, jisse bayan karna mushkil hai”

(محبت ایک ایسا انداز ہے، جیسے بیان کرنا مشکل ہے)

This quote by Javed Akhtar is about the difficulty of expressing love in words. It means, “Love is such a style that it is difficult to express in words.”


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